Introducing the Jet-Eyes UH-34D Choctaw helicopter tag! The H-34 (company designated S-58) has been deployed to every continent on the planet and has served with the militaries of 25 countries.The US Navy used it as an anti-submarine platform and it was the last piston-powered helicopter to be operated by the USMC.


The Jet-Eyes UH-34D tags were cut from an aircraft painted in Operation Deep Freeze livery – bright orange! Specifically, this run was cut from panels just aft of the cockpit. These panels featured colorful “RESCUE” stenciling as well as other decals.


This run consists of 300 tags total and will be broken up into 2 releases (cut from two different aircraft). This first release features tags cut from an aircraft with orange paint (<150 tags). The second run of this line will come later this Fall and will feature a different color.


This first UH-34D tag is offered in 6 variants:


Orange – Solid orange tags.


Interior Grey – Tags cut from grey interior panels. Subdued artwork.


Decal – Tags featuring black and white decals. Full and partial coverage.


Non-skid – Dark green/grey tags that feature non-skid coating on the back.


Stencil – Tags that have black painted on stenciling.


RESCUE – Tags that feature yellow and/or black portions of the “RESCUE” arrow and text.


All tags have been laser etched and feature a highly detailed frontal view of the H-34. Very limited numbers of Stencil, Decal, and RESCUE tags are available.


Artwork for the cards was provided by BVR and depicts a section of H-34s operating in chilly conditions – a nod to the orange Operation Deep Freeze livery this aircraft was painted in.

UH-34D Choctaw Helicopter Tag