US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


The Blackburn Buccaneer was designed in the 1950s for the Royal Navy to be operated from aircraft carriers. It was capable of carrying conventional and nuclear weapons. 


The Royal Navy retired its fleet of Buccaneers in the 1970s and the aircraft were transferred to the Royal Air Force.


Aircraft XX892 was one of only a few Buccaneers to participate in Operation Granby, The Liberation of Kuwait in 1990. During this time period the aircraft was painted in a distinctive desert camouflage, also known as “Desert Pink”. The cardback which accompanies these tags is similar to this color. 


During Operation Granby the aircraft saw combat and wore 8 mission symbols, signified by 8 bomb stencils below its canopy rail. These 8 stencils are also printed on the front of this tag to commemorate its service. 


These tags were cut from an engine cover off XX892, and is offered in 4 variants: Inner white skin, outer grey skin, outer green skin, and a very limited bi-color camouflage (only 9!). There will only be 215 total made. 


Please note: Some tags will have rivet holes, and some tags will feature a slightly modified design to accomodate these holes. If you do not want rivet holes in your tag please add a note on the checkout page. 


Warning: Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft components and skin. These tags are made of and covered in industrial paints and coatings. These materials and coatings can be dangerous and cause harm if inhaled or ingested. Not recommended for small children.


***Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 

Blackburn Buccaneer XX892 Operation Granby Skin Tag